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Helping victims of medical malpractice and personal injury seek justice for over 35 years.

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Los Angeles Medical Malpractice and Personal Injury Attorneys

For over 35 years, the attorneys at Michels & Lew have represented a wide range of clients who have suffered catastrophic injuries, and we are especially experienced with cases involving young children.

While your doctors may be vague or elusive, we are honest, straightforward and thorough. Our in-house medical director, Bradford S. Davis, M.D., helps you identify your child’s injury or condition and determine the cause. Our attorneys then help you pursue justice by making negligent parties pay for the harm they have caused.

If we are not successful in your case, we will not collect attorneys’ fees or costs. Call 310-444-1200 or contact us online with the facts of your case. Michels & Lew is based in Los Angeles but represents clients throughout California.

The attorneys were compassionate and did an excellent job handling my case. There are many people who are victims of hospital and doctor errors - Michels & Lew is the firm to help.

The team at Michels & Lew was very supportive during my difficult time. They went above and beyond expectations by watching my son when I needed to be in court. They helped me stay focused throughout the entire process.

One of the most unique factors about Michels & Lew is their on-staff doctor. He was available to answer all of my questions from the start and the whole experience was very positive.

We Represent Seriously Injured People of all Ages including Young Children

For over 35 years, the attorneys and Board Certified Physician at Michels & Lew have been representing a wide range of clients who have suffered catastrophic injuries. Our 7 attorneys have the resources, experience, and legal skills to evaluate and litigate serious injury cases. Our resources and experience have resulted in success in over 95% of our cases. We also have:

  • Over 35 years of experience in California medical malpractice law
  • Experience handling over 1, 000 birth trauma cases
  • An in-house medical doctor to determine specific medical issues involved in your case
  • Access to leading pediatricians, neurologists, obstetricians and other experts from around the country who will meticulously study the clinical details of your circumstance
  • All cases are on a contingent fee basis: if we are not successful in your case, we will not charge you or your family
  • A history of success: we have recovered over 1 billion dollars for our clients in settlements and verdicts
  • If you and your family have experienced a catastrophic injury, call or contact us online with the facts of your case.
  • Victims of medical malpractice may need long-term hospitalization, extended home care, and round-the-clock medical care. Quality of life may be significantly reduced as the result of injuries. To obtain fair compensation for our clients, we use professional life-care planners, nurses and specialized physicians to project the costs for appropriate medical care. Wheelchairs, customized vans, alterations to the home, and round-the-clock nursing care costs may be immense. You need maximum compensation for these costs. We know how to vigorously fight for such compensation.

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We are Advocates for Children in all Areas of California

We are based in Los Angeles, but we represent clients throughout California. Children need particularly skilled and experienced attorneys to represent them when suffering as a result of school injuries, injuries from near-drowning accidents, birth trauma from medical malpractice, or other serious personal injuries. This area of the law requires a refined focus; Michels & Lew has it.

We not only seek justice and compensation for our individual clients, we also seek to make all children safe; those responsible for a child’s injuries must be held accountable so that no other child will suffer the same type of injury. Call 800-639-1400 to speak with Los Angeles lawyers who are advocates for children in all areas of California.

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