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Bradford S. Davis, M.D.

Medical Director

  • Los Angeles, California

Bradford S. Davis, M.D. has been caring for patients in Los Angeles since 1980 when he started his medical internship at USC Medical Center. In 1983 he began his tenure at St. John's Hospital in the Emergency Department. He was the Clinical Director of that Emergency Department from 1986 until 1994. And because he is Board Certified in Quality Assurance, he knows that the highest standards of care must be a priority for every physician, hospital and medical care provider.

As the medical director at the Law Offices of Michels & Lew, Dr. Davis evaluates cerebral palsy and other brain injury cases throughout California and the nation. His main focus is on infants and children who have suffered birth trauma and other serious illnesses and catastrophic injuries resulting in brain damage. Over the last fifteen years, Dr. Davis has become particularly well-respected for his insights about the evaluation of birth injuries and has analyzed more than 65,000 cases of potential medical malpractice in his career. He can rapidly evaluate medical records and call upon a panel of experts and colleagues to determine if medical malpractice potentially caused your child's brain injury. His expertise and his resources are vital to the legal support for cerebral palsy that Michels & Lew provides.

Since 1998, Dr. Davis has been the in-house medical doctor for the Law Offices of Michels & Lew. Along with the attorneys at the firm, he has helped children and their families obtain hundreds of millions of dollars in compensation after a diagnosis of CP stemming from negligent care. Many times this condition is caused by doctor errors, hospital mistakes, and health clinics or HMO failings. Because of his extensive knowledge related to cerebral palsy, Dr. Davis has the expertise to study complex medical evidence to determine the possible causes of your child's condition.

Dr. Davis is a member of a team that has had success in greater than 95% of accepted cases. Michels & Lew represent clients whose family members have developed CP and helps them get compensation for the cost of care for the rest of their lives. Millions of dollars in financial support may be available if your child suffers from CP and medical error was the cause.

  • Boston University, Boston, MA 1972-1976 B.A. Biology Magna Cum Laude
  • Saint Louis University School of Medicine Saint Louis, MO. 1976-1980
  • Internship: L.A. County-U.S.C. Medical Center Los Angeles, CA. 6/80-6/81
  • Residency: Emergency Medicine L.A. County-U.S.C. Medical Center Los Angeles, California, 6/81-6/83
  • Residency: Chief Resident Emergency Medicine L.A. County-U.S.C. Medical Center Los Angeles, California, 1982-1983

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