More than 100 California hospitals scored a commendable A grade for patient safety recently. According to a report card released by Leapfrog Group, 104 California hospitals ranked an A.

The Leapfrog Group rates hospital safety performances at more than 2,500 hospitals across the United States. The Group rates hospital safety based on infection numbers, injury rates and medical and medication errors.

Overall, 804 hospitals across the country got an A grade. The Leapfrog Group report also finds that across the country, hospital performance has improved overall by 6.3% since 2012.

The report ranked California at number nine overall for patient safety, based on the number of hospitals receiving a grade for patient safety. Apart from hospitals that got A grade, 58 hospitals got a B grade, 68 hospitals were given a C grade and 18 hospitals received a D grade. Five hospitals in California were given an F grade. These included hospitals in Bakersfield, Salinas and Santa Ana.

The Leapfrog Group rates hospital safety based on important indicators that include the incidence of hospital-acquired infections at the facilities and injuries to patients, occurring as a result of medical and medication errors. Thanks to the increased spotlight on hospital-acquired infections , several hospitals in California have already implemented strategies that are designed to reduce the risk of infections, especially dangerous and potentially life-threatening infections like central line-associated bloodstream infections. That no doubt has caused many hospitals to enhance their patient safety quotient, causing them to be rated highly on the Leapfrog scale.

More needs to be done. The hospitals that have not ranked well on the scale need to focus on increasing their patient safety efforts, while the hospitals that have been given an A grade must see what else they can do to reduce the number of patient injuries at their facility every year.

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