The birth of a child is the most memorable experience for any parent. However, in many American hospitals, it is also the worst procedure you could have. Women who deliver babies in American hospitals actually experience far more complications than earlier believed.

As many as 550,000 women annually, or approximately 30% of women suffer complications during child birth. These complications can even result in death. Those complications include the development of blood clots, heavy bleeding and infection. In fact, the complication rate for deliveries in the United States is almost comparable to the complication rates in cardiac surgery. What is even worse is that in some hospitals, the complication risks are greater than in others.

According to the study published recently in the journal Health Affairs, in some hospitals, as many as a quarter of women who came in for deliveries suffered complications during a natural delivery. In the best hospitals, or the highest performing hospitals on the list, just above 10% of women suffered complications when they came in for a vaginal delivery. In the case of Cesarean sections, the rates of complications ranged from 4% in a high-performing hospital to 21% in the low-performing hospitals.

The research indicates there are significant and substantial differences in quality and care a pregnant woman receives when she walks into a hospital to deliver the baby. The actual problems with maternal care in American hospitals could be worse than we know. Knowing how hospitals fare in obstetric care is difficult, because very few states actually report infection rates for C-sections. There are other discrepancies in error reportage, which means the actual picture may be much more dismal.

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