When it comes to avoiding or preventing surgical risks and complications, there is only so much a patient can do. However, as an informed, educated and aware patient, you have a much better chance of taking charge of your care and reducing the risk of complications.

Experts suggest a person who is due for surgery ask questions about the surgeon’s qualifications before the procedure. For example, far too many patients are aware surgeons must preferably be board-certified which means they are qualified to perform certain types of surgeries. Certification is recognized by the Board as well as the national body for that specialty, and confirms the surgeon has met all the important criteria to perform such surgeries. Obviously, a board-certified surgeon is a more recommended option.

If there are certain aspects of pre-surgery care you need to take care of before the surgery, discuss these with the doctor. For instance, you may be required to lose a certain amount of weight before certain procedures. There may be other aspects of care before surgery that can reduce the risk of complications later, and these must be discussed with your surgeon.

Experts also suggest if you are in line for surgery a few weeks from now, you focus on building strength by undergoing strength training exercises. Think of surgery as a major injury that will be inflicted on your body and understand a strong, physically fit body is much more likely to recover from an injury.

Persons who suffer from sleep apnea, which is a sleep disorder marked by punctuated respiratory disturbances during sleep, may also suffer from a higher rate of post-surgical complications. Discuss this issue with your surgeon before the operation.

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