Nurses have an important role to play in reducing the risk of medical errors, however, far too many nurses complain of being constantly stressed, fatigued and overworked.

According to a disturbing new study conducted in Houston, many nurses report they lack support from management and often feel stressed out. According to the survey which included approximately 3,300 nurses, they have too little sleep at night. Only 17% of respondents said they slept at least 7 hours at night. 77% of the nurses also said their diet patterns were very irregular, and they were not able to eat on a regular basis.

Apart from physical health, work conditions did not seem to motivate nurses. According to the survey, 75% of the nurses reported they simply didn't enjoy the authority they needed in the workplace, and 89%, were not able to delegate tasks efficiently because of understaffing. Nurses also complained about unmotivated colleagues and a complete lack of coordination and teamwork in the facility. The survey reflected the voices of nurses claiming lack of respect and consideration by the hospital administration.

Hospitals need to wake up and understand the problem of unmotivated, stressed and fatigued nurses contributing to nurse burnout, is likely to become a bigger issue in the years ahead, as an entire generation of nurses retires, making way for young blood.

The quality of nurses is directly linked to patient safety at a hospital. Healthcare facilities must constantly work at attracting the best nursing staff, and if hospitals fail to provide ideal working conditions for nurses, the number of people who choose to be nurses will continue to drop.

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