The scandal at the Department Of Veterans Affairs alleging hospitals used a secret wait list to cover up the unacceptably long time patients had to wait to receive treatment, has spread to many other facilities across the country. As many as 26 facilities now will come under the microscope as more reports of cover-ups emerge.

There have been reports of falsified records and treatment delays at VA facilities in Georgia, Texas, Pennsylvania, Wyoming, Missouri and Florida. The scandal has already alerted the federal administration, and the President has already called for a national investigation into these allegations of misconduct. Individuals, who are found guilty of misconduct, will face punishment.

The scandal first broke at a Phoenix hospital where it emerged during investigations that the hospital staff maintained a secret wait list to cover the fact patients were being made to wait far too long to receive an appointment for care. Official VA policy requires hospitals provide appointments and care within a period of 14 to 30 days after the patient has requested an appointment. However, staff at many of these facilities kept one official list which showed they were conforming to the policy requirements and another secret list which concealed the fact many veterans were being made to wait months for treatment.

The investigation was triggered by whistleblowers at VA hospitals in the Chicago area and the allegations get worse. According to the whistleblowers, officials at VA encouraged staff to use the secret lists and actually managed to collect bonuses that were given by the federal administration for timely treatment. Heads have begun to roll, and many of the staff members have been placed under administrative leave. This is a scandal that California medical malpractice lawyers believe could actually get worse as the weeks pass.

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