The instructor of a swim school in San Clemente rescued an unconscious child from the school's hot tub, performed CPR and saved the child's life according to a recent article in the Orange County Register. Wendy Gallagher, owner of Waterbabies Swim School, spotted the 2 1/2 year-old girl floating in the hot tub while she was teaching in a nearby pool on August 15. The child's nanny had been talking on her cell phone when the incident occurred. The hot tub is provided for students as an after-class reward but has no designated lifeguard; instead, parents or guardians are instructed to closely supervise the children while they are in the water. The child was awake and responsive when paramedics arrived, was taken to an area hospital and released the following morning. According to Kellie Stafford, the school's office administrator, "It just goes to show you have to know how to do rescue breathing." Drowning remains the leading cause of death for children age 5 and under.

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