Michels & Lew provides superior medical malpractice representation to injured clients and to the families of deceased victims. This is the third and final installment of a medical malpractice case overview.

Step 6 – Reviewing and Investigating Case Records and Facts

By now, Michels & Lew will have received a substantial amount of medical information, reports and data from various sources directly and tangentially involved in the case. The medical records of the physician or healthcare provider who is alleged to have provided substandard medical care will naturally be of particular importance and will be scrutinized in great detail.

All related medical tests, - such as X-Rays, MRI’s, and blood tests – as well as diagnoses, treatment plans and actual treatment will be reviewed. Case records and documentation contributed by nurses, technicians and others working on the case will be reviewed. During the review, Michels & Lew often uncovers information others missed, which has proven to be critical in support of the case.

Step 7 – Medical Experts are Engaged for Their Expert Opinions

Engaging top notch medical experts is essential to every successful case and Michels & Lew has access to the best experts across the country. The medical experts’ evaluation and assessment are extremely important. Their review of medical records and subsequent analysis of the facts adds another layer of investigation in establishing whether medical malpractice occurred. If they concur it has and the case goes to trial, they may be called to testify in court supporting their findings.

Step 8 – A Complaint is Filed

A formal legal complaint will be filed in court against the party or parties involved in the case. The injured party now becomes the plaintiff in a medical malpractice civil lawsuit. This will place the defendant(s) on notice that the client is definitely proceeding with the case.

Step 9 – Michels & Lew Continues Investigating

A case is thoroughly investigated throughout its duration. The case will be investigated and researched from both medical and legal perspectives. Every detail is potentially of great importance.

Step 10 – Depositions are Scheduled

Simply stated, depositions are fact gathering, question-and-answer sessions that take place under oath. The attorneys for the plaintiff will generally question the physician-defendant and other parties who allegedly committed medical malpractice, with the goal of gathering information to prove the plaintiff’s case. Similarly, the attorneys for the defendant may potentially question the plaintiff, the physician-defendant and any other parties alleged to have committed medical malpractice with the goal of disproving the plaintiff’s case. In addition to the parties mentioned above, expert witnesses and other witnesses and parties will be deposed.

Step 11 – Either the Defense States They Will Settle or Michels & Lew Prepares the Case for Trial

At this point, the defense has the opportunity to offer a settlement. If the plaintiff feels the settlement amount is sufficient, the case will be settled out of court and a trial will not ensue. However, if the plaintiff feels the settlement amount is insufficient, Michels & Lew will take the case to court for a formal trial. It is important to note from the very beginning of the case, Michels & Lew are aware the case might go to trial and have been preparing all along for this possibility. If the case does go to trial, they will be well-prepared. They will aggressively and zealously represent their client, pursuing the maximum amount of compensatory damages possible.

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