Lawyers Representing Victims of Burn Injuries

As personal injury attorneys representing victims of burn injuries for the last several decades, we know how devastating burn injuries can be. It is hard to describe the catastrophic effects of a burn injury. Not only are third-degree burns indescribably painful, but treatment generally involves multiple surgeries, and the burn victim may face life with disfiguring and disabling scars. It is not unusual for a person to deal with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) for years after a scalding or fire accident.

As difficult as these cases can be, however, our job as personal injury lawyers is to describe the pain and explain the consequences of burn injuries to juries. To seek maximum compensation for our burn injury clients, we call on medical, psychological, life-care, and economic experts. Our approach to such cases has been successful and is documented in verdicts and settlements.

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After a Burn Injury, Lawyers Should Aggressively Pursue Maximum Compensation

Preventable burn injuries entitle victims to personal injury or death claims. Our lawyers have extensive experience and are prepared to handle a wide variety of burn injury claims including those involving the following factors:

  • Apartment building hot water heaters set to unsafe temperatures, resulting in scalding and child injuries
  • A stove that wasn't properly bolted to the wall tipping over and spilling hot water on a child
  • IV burns in hospitals—chemical burns resulting from hospital negligence
  • A defective heater
  • Propane and natural gas explosions
  • Car fires

A burn injury often results in a medical malpractice case after the victim is admitted to the hospital. Our attorneys have seen several cases where, during intubation for a respirator, the tube was positioned incorrectly and air went into the stomach instead of the lungs, or the patient suffered extubation and the tube was not replaced. Hospital staff may also fail to take proper precautions to prevent the infections burn patients are so susceptible to.

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