Los Angeles Times reports that six hospitals in Southern California have been fined by the California Department of Public Health for healthcare violations ranging from sexual assault to leaving medical equipment in patients after surgery. Southwest Healthcare System in Murrieta received a fine of $100,000 - the largest amount the state can impose on a hospital - for a nurse's failure to recognize signs of fetal distress during labor, leading to a stillborn delivery. This is the eighth fine for Southwest since the financial penalty system was created in 2007, giving it more violations than any other hospital in the state. In addition, Chapman Medical Center in Orange was fined for the sexual assault of a female patient by an emergency room nurse, UC San Diego Medical Center was fined for failing to provide "considerate and respectful care" to a patient, and three hospitals were cited for leaving foreign objects inside of surgical patients. Seven additional California hospitals were found to have committed healthcare violations, for a combined total of $825,000 in penalties statewide.