The article titled "Plastic Surgery Centers That Fail State Standards Still Allowed To Accept Patients," published by Los Angeles Times discusses the death of Maria Garcia, a 39-year old mother of five who bled to death from a puncture wound during an outpatient plastic surgery procedure. Attorney Jin Lew of Michels & Watkins is representing the family of Ms. Garcia in the lawsuit against her surgeons, nurse and surgery center. The Hills Surgical Institute, Inc., which opened 90 days prior to her surgery, failed to meet the state's requirements for surgical centers and one of their doctors was under investigation by the California Medical Board. Ms. Garcia wasn't aware of either of these facts. Dr. Hansen who performed the vaginoplasty hadn't done the operation in five years, had no records of patient history and did not require a physical exam. After the vaginoplasty, Dr. Robinson performed the liposuction and butt lift. During the operation Ms. Garcia's heart stopped. She was rushed to the Kaiser Foundation where she died an hour later. Dr. Hansen failed to report her death within 15 days, as required by law. The trial is set for April 2011.